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Mobile App Development


Professionals at Viyan Software Solutions understand that the formation of mobile software has much of its roots in traditional software development and such software should utilize the distinctive features and hardware of mobile devices. Mobile phones are equipped with GPS, Cameras, USB Connectivity Ports, and Bluetooth and can also serve as a Wireless Modem. Therefore, mobile phones can be used for a wide variety of services.

While creating mobile software, our engineers have to think and plan a lot as here software will be operating on a minimum set of hardware with optimal performance.

Mobile Phone

Enterprise Benefits

  • Connect

  • Combine

  • Sharing of Skills

  • Reduced Problem Solving Time

  • Work Easy

  • Provision of Working Offline

Features for Consumers

  • Precise Design

  • Elegant UI / UX

  • Covers protection & needs based

  • on how people use a service

  • Firm Workflow

  • Adequate Level of Data Protection

  • Quick Access Service and Support

Website creation
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Features for Business Holders

  • Encourages User Retention

  • Protection from Data Breach

  • Offers Handy & Hassle Free Payments

  • Easy Updates

  • Moderate Cost of Additional Build-out & Continuity

Proposed Process

  • Strategy

  • Study and Planning

  • Designing Phase (UI / UX)

  • Development Phase

  • Testing Phase

  • Deployment Phase and Support Activities

On the Phone
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