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The Cloud Platform for the Emerging Developer is Kinsta Hosting Solutions

Updated: Apr 19

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Introduction to Kinsta Hosting Solutions

WordPress has been — and continues to be — the most popular CMS for creating, managing, and developing websites, thanks to its expanding market share.

Yet, WordPress accounts for only a small fraction of web development. What about the developers that don't work with WordPress? They also design, develop, and maintain web applications for their organization, clients, customers, or themselves.

Kinsta has worked with thousands of developers and hundreds of agencies whose clients have WordPress projects. Several users have projects that are not powered by the well-known CMS.

Before recently, Kinsta concentrated on providing managed WordPress hosting solutions, which meant customers (and their clients) couldn't utilize Kinsta's platform for non-WordPress projects and host everything under "one roof." This made their job more difficult and inefficient. As a result, Kinsta began exploring methods to make their life simpler.

Kinsta Hosting Solutions Image 1

The more feedback gathered and discussions had with customers and beta testers regarding their projects, the more it became clear that consumers were experiencing one fundamental pain issue.

But there's a twist: it wasn't simply Kinsta's customers.

This pain point was discovered to be shared by nearly every developer, DevOps team, and web project management company. Everyone is frustrated and eager to discover a better solution.

Developers Shouldn’t Waste Time Worrying About Hosting; They Should Focus on the Development

What exactly is the problem? A cloud hosting platform lack of simplicity.

  • Developers want to ship their apps as soon as possible. Developers want a platform that allows them to keep everything under one roof.

  • A platform that is straightforward, transparent, and easy to use without limiting development efforts to a specific technology, framework, or library.

  • A platform that is simple to learn and use from day one, with no requirement for extra training or platform-specific credentials.

  • A platform with a straightforward and clear pricing approach. (Have you ever attempted to comprehend AWS pricing? Challenging!)

Kinsta's containerized architecture was recognized to fulfill these objectives and provide the platform and tools needed for developers to execute their best work. Moreover, it was shown that Kinsta possessed:

  • 8+ years of hosting business experience

  • Unmatched support and service

  • Developers and engineering teams with the ability to solve any technological problem

  • DevOps teams that are unmatched in coordinating, managing, and growing Kinsta's hosting platform.

That's why Kinsta created new, improved hosting alternatives on top of the same infrastructure that powers Kinsta's WordPress services. Kinsta has made it public after more than a year of hard labour with 320+ Kinstanians, 750+ beta testers, and numerous variations.

Kinsta Hosting Solutions Image 2

Application Hosting and Database Hosting Solutions

Developers and DevOps teams of all sizes now have a plethora of hosting alternatives to select from for their apps, databases, services, and WordPress sites, giving them more flexibility than ever before.

Specifically, Kinsta now offers:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Application Hosting — New!

  • Database Hosting — New!

Managed WordPress Hosting (In a Nutshell)

Kinsta has built a managed WordPress hosting service that powers 25,000+ businesses and 100,000 websites with everything they need to stay up and running. It is powered by Google Cloud Platform and its Premium Tier Network.

Customers migrating from any host to Kinsta notice an average of 20% faster load times almost instantly due to the use of the highest-end CPUs and global availability of Google's compute-optimized C2 VMs, 35 available data centers, and the blazing-fast Kinsta CDN with 275+ PoPs to serve static and dynamic content to a globally-distributed audience.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Kinsta's managed WordPress hosting solution helps site managers and developers sleep well at night by providing automatic backups, MyKinsta (our custom and easy-to-use dashboard for site management), a built-in application monitoring tool, and enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection powered by Cloudflare.

They are also aware that Kinsta saves them hours of effort each month. Less time spent on repetitive but vital work results in lower overhead and maintenance costs for your company.

Is WordPress used in your business? Are you a WordPress developer seeking a server that offers tools to aid you with your work? Consider Kinsta's Managed WordPress Hosting options.

Kinsta Hosting Solutions Image 3

Application Hosting (In a Nutshell)

Web development is at an exciting period that demonstrates how articulate, nuanced, and complex the world is now. Kinsta's new Application Hosting service makes the lives of modern web developers easier.

Kinsta simplifies things by removing the need for you to set up containers, manage servers, worry about the OS, manage backups, install SSL certificates, and add custom domains – everything that would prevent you from focusing only on development.

Kinsta has created a development platform to assist you in getting your applications in front of people as soon as feasible.

With features that make it quick and simple to deploy your apps from code-hosting sites like GitHub and the ability to run them seamlessly in an optimized environment that's engineered for scalability, Kinsta's Application Hosting is what the market typically refers to as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Kinsta Hosting Solutions Image 4

How To Deploy an Application to Kinsta

Kinsta's engineers and product managers have focused on building a streamlined process for your deployments. The process requires just 3 steps:

  • Connect to your GitHub account and choose a repository

  • Automatically (on every commit) or manually deploy your application

  • Build, scale, and run your processes separately

It’s that easy!

You don’t have to worry about setting up container images because Kintsa automatically detects and deploys applications built in this growing list of languages or frameworks:

  • Node.js

  • PHP

  • Django

  • Rails

  • Java

  • Scala

  • Go

(Note: Kinsta is curating a list of basic “Hello World” repositories you can fork and deploy on Kinsta to take the service for a spin.)

If you prefer having more control with a custom Docker image, you can use your own Dockerfile in the repository. This will allow you to use almost any language/framework and won’t limit you to those supported by our current Buildpacks.

Once your build environment is set up, you’ll have plenty of options to choose resource sizes (thanks to different pod types) that match your needs and define the instance number for better scalability.

For an in-depth look at all the features, make sure to read the documentation on Application Hosting.

Powerful Analytics to Monitor Your Applications

Thanks to the Analytics pages for your applications, you can get reports on application usage that include:

  • Bandwidth

  • Build time

  • Runtime

  • CPU usage

  • Memory usage

Database Hosting (In a Nutshell)

Many web projects rely heavily on databases. Although some apps may not require a database, the great majority do.

With Kinsta's Database Hosting offering, you can create a database with a few clicks and connect to it using either a Kinsta-hosted application or an external service.

Kinsta Solutions presently offer many database types, from which you may choose the version that best meets your project requirements. You can specifically host:

  • MySQL

  • MariaDB

  • Redis

  • PostgreSQL

And Kinsta is working on adding more in the near future!

How To Deploy a Database at Kinsta?

You can set up a new database and have it available in a matter of minutes. You won’t be required to manage servers, handle clusters and containers, or worry about other tasks for which DevOps is usually responsible.

Here’s the process:

  • Select the database type and the version you prefer.

  • Pick a deployment location from the 25 data center locations currently available.

  • Configure resources for your database.

See there: You now have a freshly created, containerized database (with no shared resources!) for your projects.

Kinsta Hosting Solutions Image 5

If you create an internal connection between your application and your database, they’ll both live in the same cluster and communicate over a secure connection, which provides better performance than external connections.

What’s more, you won’t be charged for internal traffic, as the requests remain within the same network!

For more information, be sure to read Kinsta's documentation on Database Hosting.

Powerful Analytics to Monitor Your Database

Thanks to Database Analytics, you can get insights into your database’s usage data, including:

  • Storage

  • Runtime

  • CPU usage

  • Memory usage

More from Kinsta

To mention a few of the interesting things on the horizon, Kinsta teams are working on static site hosting, machine learning, cloud apps, and Function-as-a-Service at the edge. On top of that, Kinsta will continue to work on enhancing its managed WordPress solutions by releasing technologies such as edge caching, which reduces the time required to deliver cached WordPress HTML by an average of more than 50%!

Last but not least

Welcome to the new Kinsta — the platform built for modern developers to turn ideas into live, scalable applications the way you’ve always imagined. Simple, quick, with everything in one place.

Get all your applications, databases, and WordPress sites online and under one roof. Feature-packed, high-performance cloud platform includes:

  • Easy setup and management in the MyKinsta dashboard

  • 24/7 expert support

  • The best Google Cloud Platform hardware and network, powered by Kubernetes for maximum scalability

  • An enterprise-level Cloudflare integration for speed and security

  • Global audience reach with up to 35 data centers and 275 PoPs worldwide

Get started with a free trial of Kinsta's Application Hosting or Database Hosting. Explore plans or talk to sales to find your best fit.

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