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Known AI Tools for Education

Updated: Apr 29


Introduction - Known AI Tools for Education

AI is rapidly growing and becoming a multi-billion dollar global market in the education sector. Its rapid growth can be attributed to its ability to alter many aspects of the teaching and learning processes. AI is capable of a wide range of activities, including creating "smart content," reducing language barriers, bridging the gap between learning and teaching, and many others. It can also create personalized learning programmes for each student.

Numerous creative enterprises are utilizing AI technologies to achieve these results. Here are the known AI Tools for Education:

Ivy is a collection of chatbot AI technologies that were created especially for colleges and universities. They help with a variety of aspects of the university process, including deadlines, tuition costs, enrollment, and application forms. Ivy also has the capacity to create recruitment initiatives using the data acquired. The AI tool can offer students the information they really need, including crucial specifics on loans, scholarships, grants, tuition payments, and more. Because it can create customized chatbots for each department, it can be utilized across all of them. Features:

  • GPT-3 maximizes the volume of true answers and gives a human tone to the not response.

  • Available as a Google Chrome Plug-in or a Microsoft Outlook Add-in to improve your team's ability to react to emails accurately and efficiently by offering AI-generated responses from your bot's brain.

  • Simple plug-and-play configuration allows your students to receive phone support from your Ivy bot without diminishing the level of service delivered.

  • Easily build your next SMS campaign using Ivy's new user interface and template library.

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition

This solution provides speech recognition software that can be used by both students and faculty. Dragon converts your words into text and reads them back to you, allowing you to revise until you are satisfied.


  • Typing: For people who find typing physically or mentally exhausting, Dragon offers a simpler, more intuitive method to write—and research—by just speaking. It keeps up with your thoughts, transcribing up to 160 words each minute.

  • Full command and control are supported through accessibility features i.e. Dragon offers voice commands to help people with accessibility needs navigate documents. Use your voice as a replacement for the mouse to explore the web, do searches, or make simple computations.

  • Dictate lesson plans, syllabi, reading lists, worksheets, and more with 99% accuracy and three times the speed of typing.

  • Enjoy utilizing speech to evaluate student work and give thorough feedback on papers, research projects, and examinations with previously unheard-of speed, simplicity, and convenience.


Cognii is a leading provider of educational tools based on Artificial Intelligence. It works with K-12, higher education, and corporate training organizations to help them deliver 21st-century online education with superior learning results and cost-effectiveness. Cognii's multi-award-winning EdTech product benefits students worldwide by offering personalized deeper learning, intelligent tutoring, open response assessments, and pedagogically rich data.


  • Open Response: Open-response questions are excellent for developing and measuring deep conceptual comprehension, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Cognii provides a viable solution.

  • Formative Assessment: Cognii enables constant evaluation of a student's progress and identifies knowledge gaps through engaging activities built inside the learning sequence.

  • One-to-One Tutoring: Cognii acts as a virtual tutor that is available at all times. Students receive assistance in real-time chats and can make many tries to mastery.

  • Adaptive Personalization: Personalised, adaptive learning experiences are provided by Cognii and are founded on extremely precise evaluation. Students receive just the questions and guidance they require.

  • Immediate Feedback: Students receive a score as well as useful feedback on their work right away, while they are still engaged in the study and can benefit the most.

  • Other features and benefits include Time Savings, Assessment of Critical Thinking, Unique Analytics, Scalable Quality, Improved Engagement & Retention, and Preparation for High Stakes Testing.


Knowji is an audio-visual vocabulary programme based on cutting-edge educational research. Knowji is a language learning app that employs a variety of approaches and concepts to help students learn faster.

The AI teaching tool monitors the progress of each word and can anticipate when users are likely to forget it. It achieves these capabilities by employing a spaced repetition algorithm, which allows students to learn more effectively over time.

How Knowji works?

Knowji keeps track of your progress with each word and returns words you struggle with more frequently than others. It also employs a spaced repetition algorithm, that detects when you are ready to forget a word and tells you to drill it again before you forget it. This ensures that what you've learned is retained in your long-term memory.

Using four learning modes, Knowji creates a game-like learning experience. Each option strengthens your memory as you progress through more difficult stages of learning without becoming bored.


CENTURY helps teachers in making effective interventions while also saving them time on marking and data analysis.


  • Accelerates Learning: Intelligent personalization boosts student engagement and understanding.

  • Reduces Workload: Teachers save time on marking, analysis, and resource production.

  • Enhances Teaching: Insights from actionable data enable prompt, focused interventions.


The Querium StepWise web component is entirely composed of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. There is no Adobe Flash, and no other plug-ins are required. StepWise is adaptive and personalized, establishing an individual learning route for each student and then modifying to student progress so that students progress as soon as they are ready, and it provides extensive data to instructors to provide insight into student problem-solving and ability level.

Teachers can benefit from Queirum's AI. It analyses answers and the time it takes to complete tutoring classes, allowing teachers to get insight into their students' learning habits and areas for growth.

Knewton's Alta

With an adjustable learning experience tailored to each student's specific needs, you can give them precisely what they need, when they need it. The AI tool is the company's newest higher education product. It is an all-in-one courseware solution that blends adaptive learning technology with freely available content to create a personalized learning experience for each student.

Each Alta product provides all of the instructional information required for a course, such as text, video, examples, and evaluations. It is also offered in a variety of courses, including statistics, math, economics, and chemistry.


  • Knewton Alta constantly monitors student mastery and changes in real-time to maximize learning outcomes. When students struggle, Knewton Alta automatically recognizes their knowledge gaps and provides exactly what they require at the time they require it.

  • Knewton Alta's instructor dashboards provide actionable data that is easy to analyze and explore, providing insights into where students are and what they need to succeed.

  • Create and customize adaptive assignments with the flexibility to match the objectives of your course and present your students with an optimal learning environment.


Gradescope makes it easy to administer and evaluate all of your tests, whether they are online or in-class. Save time grading and gain a clear picture of your students' performance.

Gradescope relies on a combination of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to make grading easier, saving time and energy.

Teachers can concentrate on the most critical ones. The teacher can utilize Gradescope to mark paper-based examinations, do online homework, and create projects all in one area.


  • Quick, Flexible Grading: With a single click, you may apply detailed feedback. Change the rubric to apply to previously graded work.

  • Gain Valuable Insight: To have a better understanding of what your students know, look at a question and rubric-level statistics. Export grades and data with ease.

  • Feedback Delivered Instantly: Graded assignments can be returned with a single click (optional). Regrade requests can be handled online, freeing up staff hours.

  • Answer Groups & AI-assisted Grading: At the same time, grade groupings of related responses. Gradescope AI creates groups for you to review for certain question kinds.


In conclusion, AI tools are changing the education industry by providing personalized learning experiences, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, and enabling new ways of learning. Several other options exist in addition to those already listed, like Carnegie Learning's Platforms and Altitude Learning, which offer a larger range of benefits for teachers and students.

AI-powered learning platforms analyze data on student behavior, performance, and learning to provide tailored educational experiences1. AI is expected to have a significant impact on the education industry in the coming years.


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