Document Management System

As a solution, we offer Document Management System to serve your organization to manage forest of documents in an organized way. Our DMS allows organizations to manage the production, storage and distribution of electronic documents, submitting considerable efficacy and the capability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents.

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Document Management


Managing Forest of Documents

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Basics of Document Management System







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Features @ DMS

Managed Storage

Our DMS provides organized way to store folders and files. The hierarchical interaction is the easiest way to manage the forest of folders and files and is the effective way to manage the storage allotted to a user respective to its privileges.

Flexible Retrieval

 Our DMS easily help users find documents and information based on document identifiers, metadata and content. It retrieve the correct documents very quickly & support regular, automated backup with multiple points of presence. The breaching of information is near impossible.

Powerful Indexing

The power of document indexing is revealed when a search is conducted. Our DMS quickly browse through all matching files, even if they are in different folders. It also supports tagging of the documents by tags or labels.

Faster Search

Document Management System can retrieve files as fast as possible for user as full text search a capability that is impossible with papers. Document search criteria can include any combination of content, properties, or details about a file.

Security Control

Our DMS supports controlled document distribution and stands tough with its unique Privileged Context and User Management System. Before taking a project we educate our customers about differences between storing a document in a database and storing document in a file system.

Version Control

VSS Document Management System allows users to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point. Versioning is useful for documents that change over time and require updating. DMS provides the base to manage documents in scheduled way so that an end – user is able to recognize receipts for any revisions made.

Disaster Recovery

Our DMS provides an easy way to back-up documents for any location where data is under use by end – user. Disaster recovery provides fail-safe archives and an effective disaster recovery strategy. Paper is a bulky and expensive way to back-up records and is defenceless to fire, flood, vandalism, theft and other 'Acts of God' i.e. now forget about any uncertainties.

Structured Archival

Our DMS work out for management of old documents. When files need to be archived, DMS provides facility to place such file in an archived folder. As a facility it is available at every location or folder.

Prevent Loss of Physical Documents

Relax and forget such problems, once a document has been uploaded it will be watch over by the DMS till any contextual or user operation takes place.

Content based Searching

Searching finds documents and folders using template attributes or full text search. Documents can be searched using various attributes and document content. Just entering content in search box will list the file that user was thinking of.

Easy Integration

Our DMS is designed to get integrated with your ERP and can be customized accordingly. 

Powerful MIS

Our DMS is capable of generating reports on every file and user activity. Reports can be displayed in the form of charts / graphs. User can find quantity of files by type or ownership. Reports can be exported to PDF, html, rtf, xls, xlxs, csv, text formats.

In-heritage Privilege System 

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Intangible Benefits – Document Management System

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Highlights of Proposed Solution

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